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CCA Coastal Conservation Association

is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of Florida’s marine resources. Founded in 1985 and one of 19 state chapters of the national CCA organization, we work with our 19,000+ members, including recreational anglers and outdoor enthusiasts, to conserve and enhance marine resources and coastal environments in our state.
CCA has proven time and time again that anglers are the best stewards of the marine environment. We work to protect not only the health, habitat and sustainability of our marine resources, but also the interests of the recreational anglers and access to the resources they cherish.
CCA is on a mission to make a positive impact in our oceans, bays and estuaries. Your donations will help ensure our marine resources and ecosystems are healthy and sustainable now and for future generations.
The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope.
Nationally, CCA is committed to the sustainable health of coastal fisheries and fights for recreational anglers’ interests. Here in Florida, we push for fisheries management that keep fish stocks sustainable and abundant, we educate and engage the public to support habitat and environmental restoration, and we work with our members and state residents to ensure good stewardship of our coastal resources. Go to

Cape Coral Waterway Advisory Board

It was established to make recommendations and furnish input and helpful information to the City Council to assist them in their policy making as it pertains to the City's public navigable waterways. The board is composed of seven members with two alternates.  The Board shall make nonbinding policy recommendations specifically related to the health, safety, maintenance, and sustainability of Cape Coral's waterways. Moreover, the Board shall seek to ensure that the waterways remain accessible for recreational use and enjoyment of all.

FWC Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission

The Florida Constitution authorizes the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to enact Rules and Regulations regarding the state's fish and wildlife resources. To do this, the 7 FWC Commissioners meet 5 times each year to hear staff reports, consider rule proposals and conduct other Commission business.

Stakeholder input is an important part of the FWC Commission meeting process. Because of this, FWC schedules Commission meetings at different locations across the state and offers individuals the opportunity to address the Commission about issues under consideration. FWC welcomes participation at these meetings from all stakeholders. Go to

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