Web Review

How are we doing?

2022 has been a great year for the club (hurricane excluded.) Our membership has increased by over twenty five new members and fishing reports (until now) have been good.

Website Review

Our new website became operational on January first and it's features, like Fishing Logs, Detailed member data and Tips and Tricks Blog, have provided new dynamic opportunities for members to share information and learn more - on any topic. Our Treasurer has decided to install each monthly report on the site. We are also planning a designated page for all Fish of the Month entries and winners.

For the size and budget of our organization, we have a powerful core system. We can expand in any number of directions. The Board of Directors have discussed utilizing our banner module to attract paid advertisers. I have been asked to provide some indications of the success of the site. We collect some data internally and use Google Analytics for other reports.


We assume that 25% of our members may not be internet/ website savvy. The balance would leave sixty three users. Given the average age of our membership the 608 visits to the site is a relatively high number. This report run from April 2nd to Nov 19th.
April 2nd reflects Google Analytics implementation.

Analytics 01


This report breaks down how visitor found or used the site. This report was run to Oct 19th to reflect interruptions due to the hurricane. We utilize two domain names and about half the visitor use Google search to find the website. That changes as visitor will either remember or bookmark the domains.

Analytics 02


This report provides data on what users do once at the site. There is no breakdown of member vs non-member data. With complex variables, it is necessary to understand how Google treats certain data.

Analytics 03


The readership of Items of Interest have reached seven hundred and fifty two readers! While both of these number are successful indicators, there is more to come.
Reads IOI

Learning Center

One of my long term goals has been to create a member driven Learning Center using reference links and videos. More to come..
Joe Cassia, Webmaster

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